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  • The following public agreement regulates the relationships between online casino and its players. These terms and conditions (“T&C”) apply to the usage once they are published on website, with that, the site administration may make amendments and/or any other changes without notification of the players.

  • Using gaming services, you are obliged to give your permission to use your personal data in the press releases of the online casino, as well as to personally participate in all promotions and thematic events organized and paid by the administration.

  • The rules of all held promotions fully comply with T&C.

  • You accept the above terms if you agree that the administration of the online casino reserves the right to inform you of all ongoing events. You will be informed by means of e-mail that you specified during registration or in any other way.

  • We do our best to make our Clients feel comfortable - we protect your information, as well as unauthorized access Services. Security measures include numerous measures to protect user information

  • According to the Privacy Policy, we strictly observe confidentiality, we take a number of measures to save the Client's data as soon as they are recorded in the system. However, the World Wide Web is not a completely secure environment, therefore our specialists cannot guarantee 100% safety of information about you. According to this statement, by disclosing information about yourself online, you accept any risks associated with the disclosure of information, and take full responsibility for the violation or disclosure of information on yourself.

  • The main tool providing Internet access is the browser. Regardless of the developer and the name of the software, the browser saves all information, including the queries typed in the search engine, the language that you use to work with web sites, the IP address and other data

  • The IP address includes a set of numbers that identify you as both the service provider and the sites you visit. We use the addresses of Clients in order to carry out diagnostic manipulations in the presence of server failures. However, the IP address is never used as a tool to identify you.

  • If for some reason you decide that the Company does not adhere to the terms and conditions set out above, please contact the Technical Service. After your notification, we will take the necessary measures to identify the causes of the violation and eliminate the resulting problems.

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